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They say there’s no place like home. And while your fully serviced apartment may have all you need to feel safe and comfortable, it may still feel new. Here are a few things you may do to spruce up your space and give it a “homey” vibe.

  1. Unpack your luggage

Many people opt to live out of their suitcases while traveling. Well, this makes sense because why bother unpacking when you’ll be packing out shortly, right? Wrong. Unpacking your luggage helps you organize your space and feel more comfortable and settled. In addition, wouldn’t you feel much more at home pulling out your clothes from the closet than from a bag every day?

  1. Go grocery shopping

Going grocery shopping and stocking up on perishable and unperishable food supplies allows you to make fuller meals and not mere fix-ups. Preparing a whole meal feels much homier than instant noodles and takeout. In addition, with a fully stocked fridge, you can always reach out and enjoy your favorite snacks like you always do at home. This way, you won’t always constantly feel like something is missing.

  1. Accessorize your space

Sure, your serviced apartment has numerous decorative pieces, but it wouldn’t hurt to add a touch of “you.” You can do this by playing around with different decorative pieces which you can take out at the end of your stay. Some of the ways to add a personalized with your apartment’s décor include:

  • Adding coffee table and décor books
  • Using knick-knacks
  • Adding your framed images
  • Getting artificial plants or low-maintenance live plants
  • Adding items that have a personal touch like throw blankets and low pillows

It is important to remember only to use items that you can easily carry when moving out. Avoid adding accessories that may require you to make permanent alterations to the house, like stickers, paint, and pins.

These three tips will incredibly transform your serviced apartment from just a house to more of a home. While at it, remember that home is feeling and not a place. At Serene Valley Serviced Apartments, we try to make your experience feel as close to home as possible. You will find this in the thoughtful design and décor, the lush outdoors, and the pleasantness of our staff.